How to wear your Colombian Push Up Jeans to Work

Posted: Nov 02 2016

With the formalities of strict dress code quickly disappearing from the ever evolving work scene, the acceptance of a more casual approach at work leaves some of us wondering just what's acceptable It's important to remember does denim fit with your profession?

I think it goes without being said the ripped or distressed jean is best kept for your leisure wear and knocking about on your weekends or days off.

However there's an abundance of tailored denim jeans that will have you looking preppy and onpoint at the office. With a little thought you'll be able to pull this off in style.

Follow these tips and you'll never go wrong:

  • Don't wear faded of worn jeans
  • Always consider your profession
  • Avoid torn, distressed or ripped jeans
  • You can't go wrong with a dark or solid wash
  • Avoid bright coloured belts and embroidery

Consider adding a chic button up shirt or blouse with the addition of a blazer and scarf. 

A monochromatic look is always professional along with stylish accessories


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