Reasons to purchase the Authentic & Original Brazilian and Colombian Jeans

Posted: Nov 03 2014

We are proud to retail the original and authentic Brazilian and Colombian butt lift jeans.

Our product is directly imported from Brazil and Colombia. These countries are renowned for their amazing jeans for several reasons.

Firstly you will notice our jeans are cut different at the back, there is an allowance for extra fabric in the back of the jean which enhances your natural curves. The regular jean is lacking in this feature and tends to flatten your bottom.

Our jeans also feature special darts and curved seams which provide the lift and shape to give you nice natural curves. We don't need to resort to artificial inserts as the unique Brazilian thread which is renowned the world over for it's quality is used in the manufacture of these jeans. The waistband is cut a little wider and this not only flattens the tummy but also eliminates the gap at the back that we all dislike.

Our jeans hug your sensuous curves, and are made from premium stretch denim.




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